Inge Borg Scott – Artist’s Profile

Inge Borg Scott is without doubt one of the most inspired and inspiring members of Dover Arts Club and a unique artist on the London art scene, who over many years has shown truly remarkable initiative, imagination and courage, both in her own extremely original artwork and in her tireless support of other artist members of the Club and young students of every approach, bringing their work to a wider audience by curating exhibitions of great liveliness and invention. When one looks through Inge’s resume it’s clear how active she has been not only as an ambitious artist but also as an exhibition curator of great discernment and foresight.

Professor Maurice Cockrill RA

Artist’s Statement

My journey in painting has taken me from representational art, focussing on portrait and still life, to the more audacious expressions of my recent work. Even so, the subject matter of my art still retains its roots in naturalistic shape and design, part-inspired by my love of our planet.

Alongside traditional canvas, I have ventured into the use of large circular aluminium discs as a support material. The circle is nature’s most perfect design, and an ideal container for the shapes within. Whilst a relatively unusual choice today, the circle, or tondo, was used as far back as Ancient Greece.

Aluminium has its own luminosity, which enables me to bring the rich, vibrant colours from my mind’s eye into view and to share with others. It is from these colours that I often draw my final inspiration, painting three or four works that are somewhat linked by their tone, but also standing as individual pieces.

In line with this desire to reproduce the vitality of my vision, where I see the warm, rich glow of gold, I do indeed use gold – in leaf form applied directly to the aluminium. The effect cannot be achieved by any other means.

Of course all art is open to interpretation, but I would hope that my feelings of joy and pleasure in nature are adequately reflected in my work.

Inge Borg Scott

Inge Borg Scott

Further Information

  • Appointments with NATO, British Airways and property companies.
  • Private instruction from leading portrait painters and the Slade School of Art.
  • Elected member to National Art Club, Gramercy Park South, New York.
  • Elected Member to the Paris Salon, Paris, France.
  • Elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, London.
  • Elected Artist Member and Chairman of the Artist`s Committee, the Dover Street Art Club, Mayfair.
  • Member of Selection Committees, and the Charitable Trust of the Dover Street Arts Club, Mayfair.
  • Instigator of the Conference ‘The Painter, the Painting and the Brain’ at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.
  • Curated mixed and solo exhibitions of various leading artists and Royal Academicians.
  • Initiator of the ‘Exellence in Drawing Award’ and the ‘Artist in Focus Programme’.
  • Inclusion in Who is Who in Art, Cambridge UK (1996-2007).
  • Works selected for ‘British Contemporary Art’ publication (1993).