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"Inge Borg Scott is one of the more serious practitioners of painting in this country, and is rapidly developing into one of our most exciting imagists. This is certainly a painter out of the ordinary, and one that prescient collectors should acquire while they have the chance."

Bill Hopkins, International Association of Art Critics

"Inge creates from an enviable palette of materials, fusing precious and industrial metals together with the most vibrant oils imaginable, and on a scale few other artists ever contemplate."

James Stephen, Independent Art Critic

"Inge Borg Scott is an artist whose work has evolved like any artist’s. However one of her many strengths is her ability to demonstrate evolution quite literally from work to work. This is invariably seen when even a small collection of her contemporaneous pieces are shown. The remarkable interplay of tones and form, the weaving of image and colour never fail to elicit emotions that penetrate deeply and reflect..." (continued here)

Frank McGillon, Writer and Author

Background image: 'Midnight Mayhem'